Female Qualifier

Female Online Qualifier

The queens of freestyle – this year’s female championships will have online qualifiers.

  • 8 female freestylers will be chosen for the Red Bull Street Style 2019 World Finals to be held in Miami, Florida, 12th – 15th of November. The Polish Aguska Mnich, defending champion of the series, secured a spot when she won the World Final in Warsaw in 2018: that means there are 7 spots remaining for only the best freestylers, who will be selected through online qualifiers.

  • Qualification

    Qualification will consist of two parts:

    Part 1

    90 second routine video. Videos will be ranked, and the 14 best players will advance onto the second part — the online battles.

    Part 2

    Online battles

Deadline 25th July
  • How does the qualification work?

    Part 1. Freestyle routines

    Players will send their non-edited 90-second freestyle routine video.

    Videos should not exceed 90 seconds of action and should be no shorter than 80 seconds. Videos that don’t respect these criteria’s will not be accepted (video requirements described below).

    The 14 best players will advance onto the second part — the online battles. The winners of each of these seven battles will earn themselves a spot at the World Finals.

    These videos will be ranked by 5 international professional freestylers appointed by the WFFA. Judges will consider the overall performance.

    The considerations for routines are the following:

    1. Creativity / Variety

      Competitors must show a strong level of comfort in all the forms of the sport. The judges are looking for a CREATIVE combination of floor and standing tricks, as well as foot, head and body tricks: innovation and originality are critical to win this element of the game. Repetitions in a battle, or from one battle to another, are not appreciated.

    2. Control / Technical

      This is how the technical side of the sport will be judged: difficulty, uniqueness and quality of execution are the core ingredients of control. Sloppiness or out-of-control execution will work against the competitor. Use of hands and mistakes are definitely not appreciated!

    3. Style / Energy and Rhythm

      Style is as valuable as creativity and control. A good style appears effortless and smooth. Natural connection with the background music is an element of style, and so is something as simple as enjoying your tricks: never forget that having fun is the reason number one behind freestyling!

    Part 2. Online battles

    Based on their performance in the freestyle routines, 14 female athletes will be chosen to compete on the online battles.

    Online battles work just like live ones: each player has three 30-second rounds.

    Player A will send her first 30 second round to player B. Player B will then reply by sending her 1st round of 30 seconds to player A. This continues until both players send their three rounds. After, all rounds are combined by the battle supervisor and sent to the judges, who will then decide and announce the winner.

    Online battles will be held through an email thread which will include the two freestylers in contention and a WFFA supervisor who will make sure that players send their rounds on time.

  • Online battles structure:

    There will be seven initial battles, which will be structured according to the ranking of the routine videos: the freestyler who ranked first will battle the one who ranked 14th, the one ranked 2nd will battle against the one ranked 13th, and so on.

    The 7 winners will be qualified for the live competition.

  • Video requirements

    • Video should have a minimum duration of 90 seconds and a maximum of 110 seconds (action must be no longer than 90 seconds and no less than 80 seconds).
    • Video must be an individual freestyle routine with no editing.
    • In order to make sure that the video is a recent one, freestyler must show a paper/sign with her “FULL NAME, COUNTRY and 2019 Red Bull Street Style qualification video” to the camera either before or after her routine.
    • Routine should show a mix of sit, lower and upper moves.
    • Use of hands is forbidden.
    • Music is optional.
    • No graphics or special effects.
    • Single-perspective video.
  • Other important information

    • Ball should be an official size 5 or 4.5. For more details contact WFFA representative.
    • Only the first video per freestyler will be accepted. If videos don’t respect the rules in terms of duration, or the format or ball, player will be automatically eliminated.
  • Dates

    • Qualification videos must be sent by July 25th.
    • Judges announcement of top 14 qualified for next stage will be on the August 2nd.
    • Online battles will proceed during the month August
  • Top 14 battles

    • 5th August player 2 set 1
    • 7th August player 1 set 1
    • 9th August player 2 set 2
    • 11th August player 1 set 2
    • 13th August player 2 set 3
    • 15nd August player 1 set 3

Results of the 7 winning female athletes will be announced on August 20.