Stage 2

Start: 20.7.2020
Finish: 10.8.2020 23:59 CET

  • Judges are looking for your ability to perform tricks to the music and express your skills to the beats.
  • Flow and Difficulty of the moves is also considered.
  • There are 40 pre-selected songs available for all participants of the stage 2.
  • Choose 30 second part of the song which you like.
  • Perform a 30 second set to the rhythm and beats of the song part you have chosen.
  • The video file can be maximum 45 seconds long to allow you to prepare for your set (minimum 25 seconds).
  • There is a +/- 5 seconds tolerance for the end of your set.
  • Time starts running when you touch the ball.
  • You must film horizontally.
  • Video must not be uploaded anywhere else (social media, web etc).
  • The track must be clearly heard. 1) the track is played in background of your clip, 2) the track is edited into the clip.
  • Just you and a ball - no hands, no accessories, no other people in shot.
  • Drops and mistakes are considered.
  • 3 judges will review your video. The top 80 men & 32 women go through to the 3rd stage.

Find a location near to your home which you consider as “Street Style” and record the video there (under a bridge, underpass, old factory, graffiti wall etc.) – this is not influencing judge’s decision in any way, it is a nice touch to general look of the video. When doing so, you are obliged to adhering to your local Covid19 regulations as well as any local regulations regarding copyright as well as administrative law.