Stage 1

Start: 18.5.2020
Finish: 21.6.2020 23:59 CET

  • You have 30 seconds to show the best you can do with a ball.
  • Judges are looking for your all-round abilities -show as much as you can from all parts of Freestyle. Flow, tricks connection and style are also considered.
  • Avoid breaking your flow with unnecessary touches which are not tricks. Connect all tricks with the least amount of touches possible.
  • There is +/-5 seconds tolerance for the endof your set.
  • Time starts running when you touch the ball.
  • The video file can be maximum 45 seconds long to allow you to prepare for yourset (minimum 25 seconds).
  • Video cannot be edited in any way –no cuts, no effects, no titlesand NO MUSIC!
  • You must film horizontally.
  • Video must be recorded in 2020. It must be new, unseen and not uploaded anywhere else (social media, web etc).
  • Just you and a ball-no hands, noaccessories,no other people in shot.
  • Drops and mistakes are considered.
  • 3 judges will review your video. The top 200 men &60 women go through to the 2nd stage.