The Red Bull Street Style women's online qualifier is on!

The Red Bull Street Style women's online qualifier is on!

Female football freestylers are getting stronger every year: it’s getting harder and harder to tell who is the best... but there’s a solution to it: the Red Bull Street Style World Final 2018, which will gather only the most skilled of them all in a unique contest to crown the global champion.

2014 and 2016 Red Bull Street Style champion Mélody Donchet, from France, proved many times to be the number one in the past by defeating everyone in her way. In Warsaw, Mélody will have the chance to lift the world champion trophy for the third time in a row: her victory in London in 2016 earned her a spot in the 2018 final, which means that only 7 more freestylers will be selected to join her in Poland.

As there are not enough platforms for female freestylers to compete for the world final, the WFFA has decided to select them through an online qualifying system that will from August 1 to August 20, 2018. Every single girl from around the world can enter with a 1-minute video showcase: if selected, they would go through to the online battle stage, where they would face other freestylers as described in the Women's Qualifier section.

The best seven freestylers will face Mélody in the world final!

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