Here’s an Invite to a Masterclass with Aguska Mnich... And We Suggest You Accept!

Here’s an Invite to a Masterclass with Aguska Mnich... And We Suggest You Accept!

With 7 years’ experience under her belt, Aguska Mnich, is already considered one of the most well-known women in freestyle football. Renowned for being a solid all-rounder with insane skills, Aguska has been in the top 4 since 2014 and was crowned the Red Bull Street Style World Champion in 2018.

Aguska has some very strong lower moves which really separates her from a lot of the other female freestylers, so ahead of the Official Annual Freestyle Football World Championships she wanted to share her advice to help take your training and freestyle football tricks to the next level.

Aguska said “Freestyle is the ball, yourself and some kind of football tricks. If you want to freestyle, just pick up ball and give it a go. I get inspiration from everything around me, and love going to different locations to experiment with new styles and trick creations. If you really believe in something, you can do it.”

Aguska added “Freestyle football is beautiful because you create your own style – so be unique and be yourself.”

Aguska’s Top Ten Tips:

  1. Practice every day – Being a professional freestyle footballer needs dedication and motivation.
  2. YouTube – Watch videos of breakdancing and acrobatics to get inspired.
  3. Learning New Tricks - In the beginning your legs will be super slow and new football skills tricks could take 1-2 weeks to learn, but keep practicing and you will get it.
  4. Playlist – Create a good playlist, as music makes it easier to learn tricks as you can vibe off the beats!
  5. Space – Find a great space to practice, whether it’s a garden, park or gym.
  6. Good nutrition - Eat healthy to fuel your body correctly for this sport.
  7. Exercise – Do mobility movement exercises as it helps to keep your muscles active.
  8. A Clear Vision – Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and focus on that.
  9. Mental preparation – You have to mentally prepare for competitions and be super focused on your opponent and yourself.
  10. Celebrate Your Victories – When you win, enjoy the moment and celebrate with friends.