Red Bull Street Style Stage 4 Summary

Red Bull Street Style Stage 4 Summary

With people tuning in online from all over the world, players had to overcome their hardest test yet with a live, ‘sky is the limit’ routine in front of the judges in a bid to earn a place in the Stage 5 live world freestyle football finals of Red Bull Street Style 2020.

There were some incredible performances from players from all over the globe where the focus was on showing what ‘originality’ means to them within their routines. This wasn’t limited just to within their football tricks or style, the use of props was also allowed, thus enabling freestylers to get even more creative to dazzle the judges and stand out from the other competitors. From confetti and duvets, to Red Bull cans and dynamic acrobatic transitions, this stage really kept viewers on the edge of their seats with no idea what to expect next.

Hosted by the ever present Lorenzo Pinciroli who’s been involved with many freestyle football competitions before, the livestream set up helped keep viewers glued to the action watching each entry alongside various Stage 4 judges simultaneously making it feel like a real show rather than just a formality.

However, amongst the high pressured performances and expert judging panel only 16 males and 8 females could be chosen to showcase their best football skills and advance to the Red Bull Street Style 2020 live online World Finals.

In summary, on a national level, it’s been a huge success so far for Japan as no fewer than 8 athletes have made it through to the finals, as they have really impressed with their fast and free flowing freestyle throughout the stages. The formidable Fagerli Brothers, Erlend and Brynjar from Norway are also through to the finals, as is former Red Bull Street Style champion Szymon ‘Szymo’ Skalski of Poland, so expect some crazy things from these guys.

On the female side of things, Melody Donchet (France) advances and could be set to retain her title but she will have a tough challenge -from the likes of experienced Kitti Szasz (Hungary) and serial winner Aguska Mnch, who both  know what it takes to win Red Bull Street Style. There is also a lot of new names to reach this final stage for the females, with ones to watch out for including Miyoshi Miharu of Japan and Lia Lewis representing UK.

The remaining 24 football freestylers have certainly earned their place in the final after many tough stages and challenges presented to them. The training and preparation doesn’t stop here though as the live World Finals will be just around the corner, complete with a fresh new judging panel and a classic knockout format to determine who will be this year’s Red Bull Street Style 2020 freestyle football champions!