The Red Bull Street Style World Final 2018 is coming!

The Red Bull Street Style World Final 2018 is coming!

The 2018 season has started with some big successes for the football freestyle community. After many country qualifiers, the winners of WFFA- and Red Bull-approved events will have the chance to compete for the global title of Red Bull Street Style world champion 2018 very soon!

The WFFA executives narrowed the selection of venues for the 2018 world final to three: Lisbon (Portugal), Paris (France) and Warsaw (Poland). At the end, it has been decided to give the opportunity to the Polish capital: the 2018 world final is going to be hosted by the unique, historic city of Warsaw!

Why Warsaw?, many might ask. Well, besides the fact that Poland has a tremendous passion for ordinary football, the reasons for this decision include the help of the brilliantly structured Polish Freestyle Football Association, the support of the huge freestyler community in the country, the collaboration of Warsaw’s local authorities —and an amazing venue for the final which will be disclosed soon. To sum up: the city offers literally everything a big competition may need!

All action will be available online in the World Final section, where you will be able to support your favourite athlete. Stay tuned to the Red Bull and WFFA for more details!

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