Your amazing judges for the world finals are announced

Your amazing judges for the world finals are announced

The Red Bull Street Style 2020 freestyle football World Finals are soon upon us. The stage is set for our 24 confirmed finalists after months of tough challenges and fierce competition. Now all that remains is to introduce a new, fresh line up of judges to cast a watchful eye over proceedings on November 14th and help crown the next Red Bull Street Style world champion.

These judges will really want to see who can distinguish themselves with the greatest football tricks amongst the other competitors and who can hold their nerve to outperform their opponent in the heat of battle. Players will have to bring their best skills as well as being original and varied. These judges are experts in a wide variety of areas in freestyle, so the standards are high on all fronts. Each one is responsible for casting judgement on a specific criteria exlained below.

Watch the Red Bull Street Style World Final – LIVE – on November 14, 2020.


Gautier Fayolle (Head Judge):

Best known for his creativity and entertaining performances, the Frenchman has been a serial winner of the routine categories over the years in the sport. Our head judge for this judging panel, he will be judging the ‘Performance’ criteria. This is one’s ability to bring an entertainment factor and presence to the battles. Showing a good ‘battle attitude’ and responding to an opponent’s round will be key here.


Luca Chiarvesio:

The Italian is well known and respected in the freestyle community for his incomprehensibly fast legs. One of if not the greatest ever for lowerbody airmoves within the sport. Luca’s criteria on the judging panel is ‘Difficulty’, so the competitors must unleash their hardest tricks and combos in all departments to best impress him.


Michal Rycaj:

Always super innovative and original, the Polish freestyle scene has always been so strong with people like this guy at the helm showing an amazing array of skills, winning competitions and then teaching the next generation of aspiring freestylers too. Better known as ‘Michryc’ to the freestyle world, he is both an experienced competitor and judge, his criteria in this competition is ‘originality’. This means he will be looking for players to perform with an individual style, new moves and unique ideas to stand out as well as minimal repetition of these moves throughout the competition.

Martin Schopf:

Martin Schopf of Austria is another veteran of the sport who excels in the blocking style. His signature moves in particular leave many dazzled as he is able to contort himself into all kinds of difficult positions while keeping close control of the ball. The Austrian will be keeping watch for the ‘Execution’ criteria which is how well a freestyler is able to perform their moves in a clean and controlled manner. Here, it is also one’s ability to keep the ball in motion showing no hesitation.


Jasmijn Janssen:

An experienced competitor in the female side of freestyle, the Dutch representative is best known for her stalls and transitions in all round freestyle. Jasmijn completes the judging panel and is in charge of the ‘overall’ criteria, this is assessing a freestyler’s all round ability that they were able to demonstrate skills in as many categories of freestyle as possible, using different parts of the body etc. Mistakes are also be taken into consideration here and can play a big part in a judge’s decision making.