The 2019 World Championship will mark the first time that a Red Bull Street Style World Final has ever been held in North America.

About Miami

Miami is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations (and the world’s busiest cruise port) for good reason. Of course, the beautiful sand beaches and sunny weather are what draw many to the city at the southern tip of the US East Coast, but Miami has even more to offer. Each diverse neighborhood has an authentic feel of its own, and from colorful nightlife to cultural treasures, from spectacular murals to food festivals, it’s a destination like no other. It’s a center of sport, as well, with excellent opportunities to take part in deep-sea fishing, golf and tennis, as well as to watch auto racing and professional teams in American football, basketball, ice hockey and baseball. Now, the Red Bull Street Style World Final adds to that sporting heritage.

The Wynwood Marketplace

The Wynwood Marketplace (2250 NW 2nd Ave), in the colourful area of Wynwood, is an outdoor venue that holds weekly events featuring arts and crafts, food, drinks, music, games, and more! The lively area will almost certainly provide a great crowd.
Having hosted many other cool events in the past, now it will create the framework for Red Bull Street Style 2019.

14th November 2019
15th November 2019
/ 19:00EST